Tuesday, October 14, 2014

31 DAYS OF HORROR! - Day 14: What is your favourite independent horror movie?

"She Was A Stranger Among The Living".

Made on a budget of only $33,000, Carnival of Souls is an independent horror movie that burnt itself into my mind when I first saw it back in mid 2006. It was the only feature film directed by Herk Harvey who made his living director and producer of industrial and educational films in Lawrence, Kansas. Carnival of Souls is a very dream-like and haunting tale of a women who feels out of step with the world around her. She is strangely drawn to an mysterious abandoned pavilion that rests out on the shores of Great Salt Lake and is constantly stalked by a nameless and equally mysterious  figure. Filled with hauntingly beautiful cinematographer and imagery, set to the most eeriest of soundtracks comprising only of church organ music, 'Carnival of Souls' will leave a lasting impression weather you enjoy the film or not. 

I'm keeping this entry short as did an extensive video review of the film last year for my YouTube channel, which you can check out here: Random Horror Review - Carnival of Souls (1962)

Also you can watch 'Carnival of Souls' absolutely free on YouTube. 

One last thing, I stumbles across this amazing thing call Live Live Cinema and all I can say is that I hope it comes back to Australia soon. Check it out here! 

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