Like most film buffs my love for movies began at very young age when I was introduced to ‘Back to the Future’, followed shortly after by the momentous occasion of my very first trip to the local cinema where I saw ‘Honey I Shrunk the Kids’. Since then my passion for cinema has only continued to grow, spending most of my spare time devoted to the medium; watching, collecting and reviewing a wide variety of features. 

There are countless movie-based blogs and web sites floating around in cyberspace; many of which generally offer the same type of content. This particular blog, 'cinematic randomness' was originally conceived back in 2010. It has undergone a number of changes over the past few years, but thankfully due to a lot of hard work and the continued support from many around me it's finally beginning to prosper. 

I have centred 'cinematic randomness' around my often peculiar viewing habits and of course, taste in movies. While I mostly enjoy dramas, I'm often moving from one genre to another, rarely setting down. It's a continuous journey on which I perusing what piques my interest with much enthusiasms, never know what cinematic road I'll be venturing down next.