Wednesday, October 15, 2014

31 DAYS OF HORROR! - Day 15: What's your favourite monster movie?

Adapted from the short story by Stephen King of the same name, ' Graveyard Shit' is what I would describe as a trashy working-class creature feature that's knee deep in unspeakable filth; and there's the rats....lots and lots of rats, that have infested the old textile mill in Gates Falls, Maine. But that's not all; the run-down mills holds a very dark secret down deep in the it's forgotten basement, that the workers discover much to their horror and disbelief. 

Graveyard Shit isn't well regarded, in fact it's consider to be one of the worst of King's movie adaptations. But I don't care, I love with all it's flaws, the bad acting especially. The film does have great atmosphere, kicked off with the best opening credit sequences I've in a horror movie. The monster itself is nothing too imaginary and we hardly see it until the very end which is typical for this genre but effective and necessary. My only gripe with Graveyard Shift is that the character played by Brad Dourif is killed off way too early. He plays a local exterminator, called in to sort our the mill's rat problem. He's a very intense individual, perhaps a little unhinged and he takes his work very seriously, making his personal vendetta against the troublesome rodents well known in one particular scene which is nothing short of pure gold. 

If you're a fan of King's work, definitely give this one a go and even give the original short story a read. It's only 20 odd pages and it can be found in the collection of short stories titled 'Night Shift' and it's pretty terrifying stuff believe me.

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