Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Twitter Film Reviews (October 2013)

Well I think I've done pretty well this month considering I spent most of my free time catching up with Breaking Bad in time for the series final. I managed to get to the local cinema three times this month and it was well worth it. Also the completest in me kicked in and I finally watched Omen IV; a film I ended up buying twice on DVD. I revisited and discovered some classics and realised that Die Hard 4.0 isn't as good as I originally thought. 

ONCE UPON A TIME IN ANATOLIA (2011) Beautifully shot but oh so very long and slow. Honestly I was glad when it was all over. 2.5/5 [October 3rd]

RUSH (2013) is an exciting, emotional and accurate portrayal of one of sports greatest rivalries. Its engrossing cinema at 170mph. 4.5/5 [October 5th]

BEVERLY HILLS COP (1984) This film is Eddie Murphy, it's a staple of 80s action/comedy. I love the vibe and the upbeat soundtrack. 4/5 [October 5th] 

GRAVITY (2013) is a visual masterpiece, indescribably beautiful; a very human story. I felt so at peace while watching this film. 5/5 [October 6th]

HELL (2011) it’s like THE ROAD but in German and not nearly as good. I was pretty disappointed overall, could have been much better. 3/5 [October 10th]

DIE HARD 4.0 (2007) Hmm...I loved this movie when I first saw it, now I can't figure out why. It's not bad but something's missing. 3/5 [October 11th]

PSYCHO II (1983) is a surprisingly very good sequel. I LOVED all the little references to the original. Clever plot and well made. 4/5 [October 12th]

OMEN IV: THE AWAKENING (1991) Yep, it's definitely a TV movie. Rubbish story, no atmosphere, poorly acted but good for a laugh. 2.5/5 [October 12th]

THE ICEMAN (2012) is a brutal crime/drama that captures the ugliness of the criminal world. Michael Shannon is pure murderous rage. 4/5 [October 13th]

CURSE OF CHUCKY (2013) Clever camera work, top voice acting from Brad Dourif but a weak sequel overall; generic and disappointing. 2.5/5 [October 15th]

THE GATE (1987) is a fun movie, classic 80's horror and the classic battle between good and evil. Love those pint-size demons! 4/5 [October 18th]

ALICE DOESN'T LIVE HERE ANYMORE (1974) is a nice story about life and love. It's brings out many emotions. Ellen Burstyn is terrific! 4/5 [October 18th]

MANIAC (1980) is a portrait of insanity. It's a surreal and bizarre experience, like watching someone's nightmare. 3/5 [October 20th]

CAPTAIN PHILLIPS (2013) Skillfully directed with a strong emphasis on accuracy and realism. It's an intense and thrilling story. 4/5 [October 24th]

WORLD WAR Z: EXTENDED CUT (2013) There’s more meat on the bone this time round. An intense and realistic depiction of a zombie pandemic. 4/5 [October 26th]

SMASHED (2012) Great watch! It's portrayal of alcoholism is honest and genuine. Excellent performances from Winstead and Paul! 4.5/5 [October 26th]

THE LAND UNKNOWN (1957) Borders on Ed Wood quality but still somewhat entertaining. Suspension of disbelief is definitely required. 2.5/5 [October 26th]

MANIAC (2012) Not what I was expecting but still very shocking and disturbing. Love the camera work. Elijah Wood is very convincing. 3.5/5 [October 27th]

Top Ten Picks
1.     Gravity (2013)
2.     Rush (2013)
3.     Captain Phillips (2013)
4.     Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore (1974)
5.     Captain Phillips (2013)
6.     Psycho II (1983)
7.     The Iceman (2012)
8.     The Gate (1987)
9.     World War Z (2013)
10.   Smashed (2012)

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