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Twitter Film Reviews (November 2013)

At the end of each month I always try to find a trend in my movie viewing as I post these micro reviews but I can never seem to find one. This month I guess I could say, crime and Phil Spector which are pretty much the same depending on what you believe when it comes to Mr. Spector; but that aside another mixed month as per usual. I made a few discoveries like The Graduate, The Best Years of Our Lives and Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison which are all fantastic film. Christmas is now well and truly upon us and I have a couple titles set aside for the occasion which I very much look forward to seeing for the fist time. 

CARNAGE (2011) Clever little well acted comedy from director/alleged rapist Roman Polanski. Its conflict resolution at it's worst. 4/5 [November 2nd]

STARMAN (1984) Story telling over spectacle; a well made 80s sci-fi film. Its message is positive and it left me feeling optimistic. 4/5 [November 3rd]

THE FIFTH ELEMENT (1997) Set in the future but so very 90s; unique in its visual style and mixture of action, comedy and drama. 4/5 [November 4th]

CARRIE (1976) is a well acted and intense story about youth alienation with a supernatural twist. I hated high school so much. 4.5/5 [November 5th]

DRIFT (2013) is a pretty decent Aussie film, although a little cliché at times. Nice story with strong characters and a cool 70s vibe. 3.5/5 [November 7th]

BRAINSTORM (1983) Impressive visuals and a lot of potential story wise but due to unforeseen events it should have been shelved. 2.5/5 [November 9th]

THE USUAL SUSPECTS (1995) No wonder Kevin Spacey won the Oscar. Clever plot with very cool characters; loved the hints of film noir. 4/5 [November 9th]

MY BLOODY VALENTINE (1981) Rather silly but an entertaining slasher based around small town folklore; lots of fun and gruesome. 3.5/5 [November 10th]

SEVEN PSYCHOPATHS (2012) Absolutely insane! It's a parody of genres that's so perfectly odd. The film belongs to Walken and Rockwell. 4.5/5 [November 10th]

HEAVEN KNOWS, MR. ALLISON (1957) is a beautiful story of companionship set during the back drop of war. Performances are wonderful. 5/5 [November 12th]

PHIL SPECTOR (2013) An intense look at a fascinating and complex man. It's an angry film that's well directed and brilliantly acted. 4/5 [November 14th]

PARKLAND (2013) Apart from being incredibly sad it's a clever and realistic film; one that is viewed through people's reactions. 4/5 [November 16th]

THE AGONY AND THE ECSTASY OF PHIL SPECTOR (2009) Fascinating, well presented and a little creepy. There's no denying his genius. 4/5 [November 17th]

THE BEST YEARS OF OUR LIVES (1946) Beautiful and heart breaking; a very appropriate film for the 1940s with wonderful performances. 4.5/5 [November 23rd]

CHAPTER 27 (2007) All kinds of creepy! It's a chilling glimpse into madness. Jared Leto as Chapman simply must been seen. Mesmerising! 4/5 [November 23rd]

BEAUTIFUL KATE (2009) She's not so beautiful but it's a powerful film about guilt and confronting ones past. It's beautifully shot. 4.5/5 [November 26th]

THE GRADUATE (1967) Pretty raunchy stuff for the late 60s. Fantastic soundtrack and camera work. Dustin Hoffman's breakout performance. 4/5 [November 30th]

Top Ten Picks

1.       Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison (1957)
2.       Parkland (2013)
3.       The Best Years of Our Lives (1946)
4.       Beautiful Kate (2009)
5.       The Graduate (1967)
6.       Starman (1984)
7.       Carrie (1976)
8.       Carnage (2011)
9.       Phil Spector (2013)
10.     The Fifth Element (1997)

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