Tuesday, October 21, 2014

31 DAYS OF HORROR! - Day 19: What horror movie do you think makes the best use of gore?

John Carpenter's The Thing confronted viewers with the nightmare of the discovery of an alien that can perfectly imitate those around it, shown in the most graphic and horrific way possible using extreme amounts of blood, gore and grotesques imagery. All of which through the magnificent art of practical effects, a cinematic art from which has sadly been for the most part pushed aside in favour for cheaper and less creative CGI. I remember when I first watch 'The Thing', I found it so hard it follow the story because I was so shock from what I saw. From those poor dogs being violently taken over to that bizarre and very creepy head that suddenly sprouted spider like legs and two elongated eyes.

We see CGI in movies and we all know it simply came from a computer but when we see film's like 'The Thing' we can't help but wonder how they made theses disgusting creatures come to life with such ferocity.

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