Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Back to the Future Part II: A Childhood Reflection

Each time I sit down to watch 'Back to the Future Part II' I feel very lucky and grateful to have been able to see in theatres when I was 5 years old. My most vivid memory of that momentous occasion is staring up at the screen in complete awe, mesmerised by the opening credits racing through the clouds to Alan Silvestri's magnificent score. Arriving in Hillvalley 2015 was an experience of sheer amazement, my first vision of the future. Although not a very accurate one as it turns out. However, I do remember being under the odd impression that all the flying cars on screen were also time machines. Probably because the Delorean, looked far less out of place in the very advance time period.

Having only been recently antiquated with the original 'Back to the Future' a short time prior, my understanding of time travel was limited, but I was able to grasp the basic idea. That was until Marty, Doc and Jennifer returned to what we eventually learn to be an alternate 1985, which left me very confused to say the least. Further more, the sudden dark turn the film took at that point was particularly shocking to me. Thankfully the dramatic middle act was short lived and while the subsequent journey back to 1955 didn't ease my level of confusion, the fun and excitement returned. I remember getting a kick out of seeing numerous scenes from the original film playing out from different points of view, plus the glimpse into Biff's personal an social life I thought was hilarious. The saddest part for me came when the Delorean was suddenly struck by lighting, following Marty calling to Doc through his walkie-talkie, hearing only an eerie silence in response. Fortunately in the matter of only few minutes, I once again sat poised in my seat as hope arrived in the form of an old letter. Then unexpectedly I was being primed for what would be the concluding chapter in the 'Back to the Future' trilogy. 

My eldest cousin David took me to see 'Back to the Future Part 2'. The venue was the Village Twin Cinema in my home town of Morwell. He may not remember that day as well as I do and while it may have been only a small gesture of kindness on his part, it remains a significant and treasured memory. I attribute my love of movies and everything I'm doing now with film critique to experiences such as that one. As today is October 21st 2015, the day Marty, Doc and Jennifer arrive in the "future"; I'm celebrating the long awaited cinematic date by watching the film itself with a small group of friends. 

Happy Back to the Future Day!

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  1. Nice commentary! It must have been amazing seeing this movie on the big screen. I can't decide whether the second or third film from the trilogy of the film is my favorite.

    1. Thanks Bethany! I'm exactly the same, I can never decide which is my favourite either. Although as I've become a bigger fan of westerns in recent years, I'm leaning towards Part 3.