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Twitter Film Reviews (July 2013)

During the month is July I was able to see a few release from this year that didn't make it to my local cinema, namely MUD and STOKER which were two of the best films I've seen in a while. I also finally got around to seeing the very popular 'Before' trilogy. I was able to watch the two of them back to back which made for a great viewing experience especially the second film being in real time. 

Towards the end of the month I watched a few feature length making-of documentaries. THE OMEN LEGACY being by far the best; I put it right up there with BEHIND THE PLANET OF THE APES. To me nothing beats a film about film-making.   

HARRY BROWN (2009) is an urban nightmare that's utterly bleak. It makes Gran Torino look like a Disney film. Michael Caine delivers! 3.5/5 [July 1st]

FATAL ATTRACTION (1987) The most famous film about adultery which pretty much coined the phrase, bunny boiler; a very intense film! 4/5 [July 3rd]

MR. RELIABLE (1996) Seventeen years later it's finally on DVD. A nice comedy/drama that embodies that wonderful Aussie summer culture. 4/5 [July 5th]

MAN OF STEEL (2013) Not bad, I liked the serious approach. But it was a bit over the top with action. Kal and Zod made a bit of a mess. 3/5 [July 5th]

KILLER KLOWNS FROM OUTER SPACE (1988) Holy shit; talk about a ridiculous concept, but it actually works, very entertaining movie. 4/5 [July 6th]

EVIL DEAD (2013) is a remake that stays true to the original with the practical effects; it's intense, bloody and pure evil. 3.5/5 [July 8th]

EVIL DEAD 2: DEAD BY DAWN (1987) Pretty much a retelling of the original but turned up to eleven. I liked the back-story of the book. 4/5 [July 9th]

#PacificRim (2013) was spectacular! It's a must see on the big screen. This A-grade B-movie is pure entertainment with amazing effects! 4/5 [July 11th]

42 (2013) Not bad, a little slow. It feels like I've seen it a hundred times before. But the production design is top notch. 3/5 [July 13th]

BEFORE SUNRISE (1995) A marathon of dialogue with such real conversations. Great chemistry between Hawke and Delpy. Wonderful movie! 4.5/5 [July 14th]

BEFORE SUNSET (2004) One of the greatest sequels ever made! The real-time, a stroke of genius. These movies are so beautiful and real. 4.5/5 [July 14th]

YOU CAN'T KILL STEPHEN KING (2012) I couldn't figure out if this was supposed to be serious or a parody, I'll say parody and it's bad. 1.5/5 [July 14th]

THE WAR (1994) is a drama that deals with racism, poverty, and conflict within a community in Mississippi during 1970; a hidden gem. 3.5/5 [July 16th]

STOKER (2013) is a mesmerizing film that explores a twisted love triangle. It's morbid, beautifully shot and quite sexual in tone. 4.5/5 [July 16th]

BEFORE MIDNIGHT (2013) is a delightful film. The setting is breathtaking and the conversations are still rich and very real. 4/5 [July 16th]  

SUPERBAD (2007) will never get old. Jonah Hill absolutely steals it with his often subtle delivery of jokes; it's a laugh a minute. 4/5 [July 17th]

RAW DEAL (1986) is possibly Arnold's worst film. It's the closet he gets to being James Bond and its pathetic; so bad it's good. 2.5/5 [July 18th]  

THE WORLD'S FASTEST INDIAN (2005) is the most inspiring true stories put to film. It's a beautiful portrayal of human perseverance. 5/5 [July 18th]

THE PLACE BEYOND THE PINES (2012) I really liked the story structure of the film but it's little boring and it was a bit too long. 3/5 [July 19th]

THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL (1951) One of the most intelligent and important classic sci-fi films. Its message is still relevant. 4/5 [July 20th]

#TheConjuring (2013) Scary but could have been scarier. Exceptional cast, great setting, atmosphere, intensity and old school charm. 3.5/5 [July 20th]

INSIDIOUS (2010) is a haunted boy story with Darth Maul playing the evil spirit. Great visual style and has some top jump scares. 3.5/5 [July 21st]

DEAD SILENCE (2007) is a horror movie for fans of old horror movies. Haunting visual style and I loved the ventriloquism theme. 4/5 [July 21st]

DEATH AT A FUNERAL (2007) is one of the best British comedies in recent years; great characters and a triumph for Frank Oz as director. 4/5 [July 22nd]

THE OMEN LEGACY (2001) One of best making-of documentaries I've seen in years. It's well put together, interesting and very informative. 5/5 [July 24th]

CLERKS (1994) is my 'Saturday' movie. I love this film with all its flaws, like the bad acting. But it's the dialogue that makes it. 4.5/5 [July 27th]

MUD (2012) is a moving coming-of-age story, that's beautifully filmed. It's heartfelt story telling with truly amazing performances. 5/5 [July 27th]

BACK TO THE WELL: CLERKS 2 (2006) An interesting a in-depth look at the making of CLERKS 2. It's very candid with some good interviews. 4/5 [July 28th]

APOLLO 13 (1995) Ron Howard's best film! Its amazing technical achievement combined with a great story and fine acting from a top cast. 5/5 [July 29th]

THE SNOWBALL EFFECT: THE STORY OF CLERKS (2004) is a wonderful success story about low budget film-making; from conception to acclaim. 4/5 [July 30th]

JACKIE BROWN (1997) I finally saw it and it's pretty good. I loved the plot, characters and dialogue. Tarantino at his most restrained. 4/5 [July 31st]

Top Ten Picks
1.) Mud (2013)
2.) Stoker (2013)
3.) Pacific Rim (2013)
4.) Before Sunrise (1995)
5.) Before Sunset (2004)
6.) Before Midnight (2013)
7.) The Omen Legacy (2001)
8.) The World’s Fastest Indian (2005)
9.) Apollo 13 (1995)
10.) Jackie Brown (1997)

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