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Twitter Film Reviews (April 2013)

Well I just about doubled the amount of films that I Twitter reviewed last month; a task that is still very fun but one that hasn't become easier. It was a very mixed bag once again which to me is always great as I love variety. I've had to increase my 'Top Five Picks' to a top ten as I saw a lot of great films, most for the first time which included a Spike Lee Joint which are hard to come by in my part of the world unless you're looking for a copy of Inside Man. Overall it was a pretty good month's worth of film viewing, finishing with a film from my favourite era of cinema the 1970s. 

SMASHED (2012) is a short but realistic portrayal of alcoholism that's reminiscent of 'Days of Wine and Roses' Winstead is amazing! 4/5 [April 2nd]

COP LAND: DIRECTOR'S CUT (1997) is the great urban western. In this cut just about every scene is a little longer which is amazing! 4.5/5 [April 3rd]

ROOM 237 (2012) was most fascinating! The holocaust theme does hold a lot of weight but there's also a lot which is just plain nonsense. 4/5 [April 5th]

EMPIRE OF THE SUN (1987) isn't Spielberg's best but it's an inspiring story of survival. Christian Bale was one hell of child actor. 3.5/5 [April 7th]

SLEEPAWAY CAMP (1983) is a wet fart of a horror film, the definition of pathetic but funny as hell and the last 20 seconds are creepy. 2.5/5 [April 10th]

DOUBT (2008) is as close to perfection as a film can get. It's a story based around ethics and decency, with phenomenal acting. 4.5/5 [April 14th]

THE NEVERENDING STORY (1984) A visually beautiful child fantasy film. It's imaginative but the story is really quite deep and complex. 4/5 [April 14th]

WRONG TURN (2003) is short but wastes no time in getting into the good stuff. It's full of clich├ęs but has some genuine atmosphere. 4/5 [April 14th] 

THE SESSIONS (2012) is a beautiful and gentle film about love and sex. The performances were terrific, especially from John Hawkes. 4/5 [April 15th]

WARM BODIES (2013) is not a typical zombie film. It's well made, clever, funny, has a top soundtrack and leaves you feeling warm inside. 4/5 [April 16th]

BURN AFTER READING (2008) is a wacky film, that's hard to describe. I loved the overuse of swearing and often silly dialogue. FUCKER! 3.5/5 [April 16th] 

BERNIE (2011) was just like a Christopher Guest comedy. Totally forgot it's a true story. It's such a funny film and Jack Black's best! 4/5 [April 17th]

OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN (2013) was a lot of fun, a good mindless 80s style action flick. It was insanely violent with a massive body count. 3.5/5 [April 18th]

KING KONG (1933) Not much to say that hasn't been said already. It's a film that never ceases to amaze when it come to special effects. 4/5 [April 20th]

MARGARET (2011) is an emotional drama which involves a lot of people shouting at each other but not really listening. Powerful stuff! 4/5 [April 21st]

LIFE LESSONS (1989) is definitely not Scorsese's best work. There's cool music, Nick Nolte is great but it's not very interesting. 3/5 [April 22nd]

MISERY (1990) One of the all time great thrillers, so intense and crazy! Kathy Bates makes Nurse Ratched look like a saint. PERFECT! 5/5 [April 22nd]

FROZEN (2010) You'll think twice about riding a chair-lift again. It wastes no time, the concept is unique and of course very bleak. 3.5/5 [April 23rd]

GRAVEYARD SHIFT (1990) is a really gross and entertaining monster movie. It's trashy and fun. See it for Brad Dourif's character alone. 4/5 [April 23rd]

MOONRISE KINGDOM (2012) One of the cutest films you'll ever see; a quirky story of young love with the most gorgeous cinematography. 4.5/5 [April 24th] 

GALLIPOLI (1981) takes far too long to get going, only 35 minutes devoted to the battle. But that aside it's a very well made film. 3.5/5 [April 25th] 

THE IMPOSSIBLE (2012) captures the chaos of the disaster brilliantly and the despair that follows; powerful stuff. Watts is amazing! 4/5 [April 26th] 

WRECK-IT RALPH (2012) I really underestimate Disney sometimes. It's such a delightful film; very creative with beautiful animation. 4/5 [April 27th]

PAPERMAN (2012) Absolutely beautiful! Seven minutes of the most stunning animation I've ever seen. This short is simple and sweet. 4.5/5 [April 27th]   

HIGH PLAINS DRIFTER (1973) is quite mysterious; is PALE RIDER a sequel of sorts to this? Pretty solid early western from Eastwood. 3.5/5 [April 28th]

MO' BETTER BLUES (1990) is a jazzed up personality piece by @SpikeLee with vivid colours, beautiful lighting and some great music. 4/5 [April 28th]   

PROMISED LAND (2012) was a frustrating film to watch. I didn't sympathise with the sympathetic, they didn't deserve it. An okay drama. 3/5 [April 29th]

PANIC IN NEEDLE PARK (1971) is a story of love and heroin. It's raw and pure 70's film-making that captures the despair of addiction. 4/5 [April 30th]

Top Ten Picks

1.) Cop Land (1997)
2.) Misery (1990) 
3.) Dount (2008)
4.) Moonrise Kingdom (2012)
5.) Smashed (2012)
6.) Bernie (2011)
7.) Mo' Better Blues (1990)
8.) Margaret (2011)
9.) Paperman (2012)
10.) Panic in Needle Park (1971)

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