Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Directed by: Sam Mendes
Starring: Daniel Craig, Judi Dench, Javier Bardem, Ralph Finnes & Naomie Harris
Runtime: 143 minutes
Rating: 4/5

It’s been one of the most anticipated films of 2012, the 23rd film in the popular James Bond franchise and it’s the one that almost didn’t happen; of course I’m talking about Skyfall. In which Bond’s seemingly unquestionable loyalty is put to the test as M’s past is apparently coming back to haunt her. MI6 comes under a devastating attack literally driving it underground. Now 007 must track down and eliminate the threat as the cost of failing to do so is more personal than he thinks.

Now I’m not a massive fan of the Bond franchise, I’ve seen the four Brosnan films, the now three by Craig and at least one from each of the other actors to play the iconic role, except for one-Bond wonder George Lazenby. So after the disappointing Quantum of Solace I had my hopes pretty high for Skyfall and were heightened even more when I heard that Oscar winner Sam Mendes was attached to direct the film who is of course known for directing American Beauty and who is yet make a film I don’t like.

Skyfall was fantastic! Obviously I can’t say what a lot of people have already said, that it’s the best Bond ever but I can say it’s the best so far out the three starring Daniel Craig.

The plot plays out like a very strong and well scripted drama. There’s actual substance to the story which becomes quite meaningful and we get a really close and detailed look into Bond’s very private past which is fascinating and quite bleak as you would expect.

It’s less action orientated as the previous two films which isn’t a bad thing at all. The action sequences that we do get are very impressive to say the least. During the opening scene a friend of mine leant over and said that it reminded him of the Uncharted video games on PS3, which I think is saying a lot. The action is positioned well throughout the film and isn’t just there for the sake of it.  And as always they showcase the many diverse locations in the film brilliantly. The scenes that take place in Shanghai looked absolutely dazzling; which brings me to the beautiful cinematography, a key part of filmmaking that I’ve always admired. It captures the essence and scope of each location as well as the tone of the overall story. The film’s climax is best described as hauntingly beautiful, fire and the darkness of night never looked so good on film.

The performances were all great as you would expect from a cast of this calibre. Daniel Craig is perfect, very suave as always but this time we see a more vulnerable side to him. The character of Bond isn’t portrayed as invincible or without flaws. Judi Dench is back as M playing a much larger and more significant role this time; she’s almost like the unofficial ‘Bond girl in this case. Our villain is played flawlessly by Javier Bardem. A very intimidating, seduction, intelligent and a clearly unhinged man; also with a horrifying facial disfigurement which is hidden for the most part. Other supporting cast members include Naomie Harris as another MI6 field agent who I really liked; she had good chemistry with Bond. And also Ralph Fiennes fines as a Security Committee Chairman who is a tricky fellow to figure out at first.

Skyfall was well worth the four year wait. It’s an exciting well craft action/drama that has an in depth story with very human characters. And it still manages to retain that classic Bond feeling and style. It’s definitely set a very high standard for the next instalment.      

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  1. Fantastic review Kevin, love the use of wording and such. You've officially got me pumped for this film, now one of my most anticipated of the year. :)