Friday, April 17, 2015

Review: Life Partners (2014)

Two Californian women in their late 20s, Sasha who is a lesbian and Paige who is straight, are the very best of friends. They spend many evenings together watching bad television as well as indulging in frivolous activities and discussion. They each enjoy a relatively care-free existence but their co-dependent friendship is put to the test as Paige embarks on a serious relationship with a guy for the first time.

At first glance you might be forgiven for branding Life Partners as a "chick flick" but fortunately it actually appeals far beyond it's target audience. At it's heart the film realistically explores the frustration and anxieties we feel when the lives of those close to us suddenly move in a different direction to that of our own; leaving us to ponder our own existence and life ambitions with uncertainty. This bitter-sweet theme is expressed through Sasha; a character who not all that long ago I could very much related to. Leighton Meester as Sasha and Gillian Jacobs as Paige both give terrific performances. The dialogue and banter between the two feels very natural and realistic of two very close friends. The fact the Sasha is a lesbian is not significant to the story, although it does add an interesting dynamic to the very social aspect of the film. Supporting performances from Gabourey Sidibe as a mutual friend and Adam Brody as Paige's love interest are also very good and provide some of the many laughs the film offers. The humour is modern with a degree of subtly and sarcasm which is right up my alley. 

You'll find 'Life Partners' on Netflix in Australia which is how I came to watch it. In fact it the first movie that popped up upon first signing in. It must have been fate. I'm still quite amazed as to how much I enjoyed this quaint little romantic comedy.  


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