Monday, April 20, 2015

My Netflix Picks #3

Sadly the rate of growth in content has been a lot slowly than I was expecting; plus I've spent the best part two weeks watching mostly American Horror Story. Luckily I've already seen a good number of films that are on Netlix so I'll give you a couple of good picks out of those. 

Director: Adrian Lyne
Year: 1997
Category: Drama
Rating: ★★★★★ Loved it!

In what is a more faithful adaptation to Vladimir Naboko's novel of the same name; 'Lolita' exclaims an English professor's overwhelming infatuation and desire towards the teenage daughter of his landlady. This stunningly photographed and atmospheric summer themed drama is morally conflicting and brilliantly acted. There is a strange beauty to the controversial subject matter, drawing in the viewer who will be surprised by how much they don't dislike the main protagonist; with all his misconduct and inappropriate behaviour. If you enjoyed Stanley Kubrick's original 1962 adaptation, you enjoy this one even more.  

Director: Lee Daniels
Year: 2009
Category: Drama
★★★★ Really Liked It

An overweight, abused and illiterate teen who is pregnant with her second child enrols in an alternative school in hopes to better her life. Beautiful and striking imagery combined with an underlying sense of optimism offer the viewer a unique experience. The indulgence into a fantasy existence by the film's protagonist highlights her desire to escape the endless torment of her life on the fringe of society. Gabourey Sidibe's breakout performance alone is worth the viewing. Add this to your 'watch list' now!  

American Horror Story Coven
Creators: Brad Falchuk, Ryan Murphy
Year: 2013
Category: TV Shows
Rating: ★★★★ Really Liked It

Out of the three seasons of 'American Horror Story available on Netlix, I figured Coven would be the one I'd least enjoy. Which I did, but it was better than I originally anticipated. With the roots of the story embedded deep in the 'Salem Witch Trials' we follow a coven of modern day descendants as they struggle with opposing forces, personal rivalries, and internal conflict. The cast of characters will no doubt divide opinions amongst viewers. Some you'll love and some you'll despise, but things are definitely not black and white. Performances are hit and miss from the younger cast members and despite this season's obvious target audience there's a considerable amount of enjoyment to be had. Stevie Nicks fans will also get a kick out of it.  

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