Tuesday, February 3, 2015

December in Review

As Above So Below (2014) – 02/12/14 ★★★1/2
Clever use of visual trickery, camera work and the most haunting of sounds make for a mind bending journey deep into forgotten centuries old ruins beneath the earth. The historical basis to the plot further adds to the level of intrigue as well the underlining themes of past guilt and regret amongst the characters. Striking symbolic imagery to satanic lore, although not specific to any religion evokes an unsettling feeling of dread.

Crackers (1998) – 12/12/14 ★★★1/2
A hilariously delightful parody of Christmas Day shenanigans that's uniquely Australian with colourful language and characters in addition to a very slapstick and cartoonish style of humour. Local audiences will have no trouble relating to its chaotic nature and its display of cultural traditions. Happy bloody Christmas!

Exodus: Gods and Kings (2014) – 16/12/14 ★★★1/2

The grand spectacle of cinema captures the immense scale of the much loved biblical story in all its beauty in addition to wowing audiences with awe inspiring visuals and commanding lead performances from a cast of diverse and established actors. Although overly long and somewhat flat in parts it was a real treat to see a modern film made in the tradition of a Cecil B. DeMille epic.

A Christmas Story (1983) – 22/12/14 ★★★★
A hilariously entertaining showcase of childhood mischief and mayhem in addition to family chaos and misadventure experienced during the Christmas season. The film's focal point of a child's anxiety over receiving that one desired gift is realistic and relatable in its portrayal. The cast of eccentric characters further add to the level of enjoyment. This is essential holiday viewing!  

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