Saturday, October 4, 2014

Short Film Review: Budget Cuts (2014)

I've never reviewed a short film before, in fact the amount I've seen is a small fraction compared to the amount of full length features I watch. I've seen a few in recent weeks, my girlfriend shared with me a few Tropfest winners which were very impressive. However the one I'm about to tell you about was made by a friend of mine (Jarret Gahan), and it's a real beauty! I know, call me bias but I just have to review it so here we go.  

A nameless serial killer takes us through the method behind his madness in what is a twisted yet humorous personal tutorial of murder, from choosing the right attire to his desired instrument of death. He covers all conceivable bases in planning the perfect murder but mostly he emphasises the importance on transportation, getting from point A to point B utilizing the public transport system as it's routine and inexpensive, hence the film's clever title.

Rarely do we see this side of a serial killing in films, at least not in this much detail. I just love how this short is serious while keeping a comedic tone and it's realistic to boot. Our killer's method are practical, logical, and he uses good old fashion common sense. I was in Melbourne earlier this week which is where I'm proud to say the film was made, and whilst riding the iconic City Circle tram I couldn't help but think about it, like "Yeah...this could actually work!" Not that I ever would of course. Hmm.... Budget Cuts is shot exceptionally well, very much in the style of a traditional slashers with deep vivid colours and great use of lighting and shadows. This adds a sinister element, which combined with the instruction video like structure, enhances the level of enjoyment significantly.

Not a minute of it's eleven minute run time is wasted. There's so much crammed in that it makes repeat viewings equally enjoyable. Slasher fans will no doubt get a real kick out of Budget Cuts as it's made a by fan who clearly love and understands the genre. If you get the chance, see it!  

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