Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Review: Take Away (2003)

We all have our favourite 'Fish & Chips' takeaway, whether it be a simple corner shop within a small country town or a more up market establishment in the suburbs. For generations they've been the social hub for many communities; it's where you go to get the latest gossip and of course, an oil soaked parcel of deep fried gold. In the fast food oriented comedy, 'Take Away', two family businesses maintain a long standing rivalry along a lone strip of shops in outer Melbourne. Trev (Stephen Curry) is known for his burgers, with a traditional approach to his cuisine and a very relaxed attitude towards food and personal hygiene. His counterpart, Tony (Vince Colosimo) is a hard working self motivator who strives for excellence in his beloved field of fish and chips. However with the unexpected arrival of a Hungry Jacks style fast food chain called Burgies, Trev and Tony reluctantly join forces to try and save their business before being crushed by the fierce competitor.

Despite being an overall silly film, 'Take Away' does a nice job at encapsulating the best qualities of this much loved part of our culture; opening with a very amusing scene which depicts it's humble origins. There's good dynamic between Tony and Trev who regularly take shots at each other despite an unspoken connection. The sense of community is pleasant and easy for viewers to relate to, and for a low grade feature it's shot remarkably well, creating a seasonal feel. Fundamentally it's the satirical take on fast food giants that I found to be most entertaining. Aggressive marketing, low wages, staff mistreatment and corporate greed are just some of the many aspects that are hilariously parodied throughout the feature, which cleverly caters to people's sentimental attitude towards local small business. Performances from supporting cast members such as Nathan Philips and a pre-Hollywood Rose Byrne bring some added enjoyment in addition to a nice dose of Aussie humour and language.   

While it's far from our greatest cinematic achievements, 'Take Away' it will no doubt conjure up fond memories of Friday night takeaway, which begins with a greeting of that intoxicating aroma as we step through plastic fly strip door.


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