Friday, October 31, 2014

31 DAYS OF HORROR! - Day 31: What's your favourite horror film of all time?

The Omen strikes such a deep and foreboding sense of fear into me that I'm often spooked for days after seeing it. The film's ambiguous theme is what I love most about it, as every incident and occurrence can be explained in both practical and supernatural terms which gives viewers plenty to think about long after the credits roll. The idea of the Satan's child being amongst us in the form of a seemingly innocent child is most unsettling and adds to the film's consistently creepy tone. The cast of acclaimed veteran actors bring a level of class to the film, raising it above B movie status. And of course I have to mention the music score, Ave Satani by Jerry Goldsmith which won him a much deserved Oscar. The Omen would hardly be even worth watching if it wasn't for that terrifying satanic theme. Read a translation of the lyrics, it will scare you green.

The Omen introduced me to psychological horror, changing forever the way I view horror movies and it made me an instant fan of Gregory Peck. If you want to experience a more genuine type of fear then I cannot recommend The Omen enough. Not only is it a staple of 70s filmmaking but of the horror genre.

Thank you to everyone who has been reading these posts over the last 31 days, my friends, family, and regular followers of my blog. I greatly appreciated all your comments and reading some of your opinions on the films I talked about. I extent to all of you my best wishes for a Happy Halloween!

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