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Twitter Film Reviews (August 2013)

August was a busy month and one of significant change for me personally, but of course I still manage to watch a decent amount of movie. I joined a local film society which was a like a dream come true for me; and the film we watched for our August gathering was Incendies. I also revisited some classics from my childhood, such as the Indiana Jones trilogy. That's right I said trilogy, not quadrilogy. For the first time I watched them in chronological order, as in the year the films take place in. There were some disappointments such as Chopping Mall, The World's End and The Howling but I also finally got around to seeing a couple of classics, Saturday Night Fever and The Great Escape, two of the greatest films ever made. Enjoy the reviews!     

THE WORLD'S END (2013) was disappointing. It started off well, some really funny verbal exchanges but ended up being pretty stupid. 3/5 [August 1st]

INCENDIES (2010) was an emotionally devastating film to watch. Incredibly moving with a well structured plot and amazing performances. 5/5 [August 1st]

RETURN OF THE JEDI (1983) was the first STAR WARS movie I ever saw. It was good to finally watch it on Blu-ray despite the alterations. 5/5 [August 2nd]

PAUL (2011) was better than I expected. It works well for such a ridiculous concept. Pegg and Frost are great, hilarious one-liners. 3.5/5 [August 3rd]

CHOPPING MALL (1986) was good but not great; very over the top and good fun if you're a 80s fan. But for a short movie it drags. 3/5 [August 4th]

HOT FUZZ (2007) is a strange movie but very funny. I love its parody on the English village mentality; great cast of characters. 4/5 [August 4th]  

BLOW (2001) is a much underrated crime/drama that's clearly influenced by GOODFELLAS. It's a life story more so than a drug story. 4/5 [August 5th]

TRAINING DAY (2001) is a dose of reality that explores the grey area of justice that lies between right and wrong. Smiles and cries. 4.5/5 [August 5th]

THE GREAT ESCAPE (1963) is one of the best movies ever made, with the best cast of characters. It's an amazing film on every level. 5/5 [August 11th]

THE HOWLING (1981) is a very strange movie. I'm still not sure if I like it or hate it. But it's a nice throw back to the classics. 2.5/5 [August 11th]

SEVEN DAYS IN MAY (1964) An underrated Cold War political drama. Brilliantly written by Rod Serling. Gripping stuff! 4/5 [August 11th]

FAIL SAFE (2000) is a frighteningly realistic Cold War drama. Broadcast live on TV, it's well put together and the cast is excellent. 4/5 [August 11th]

LARRY CROWNE (2011) is a nice light comedy. It's a little cheesy at times but overall uplifting and it's a story I can relate to. 4/5 [August 14th]

THE FOG (1980) is a really effective and spooky ghost story. It's a great film to watch late at night. Best $8 Blu-ray EVER! 4/5 [August 16th]

INDIANA JONES AND THE TEMPLE OF DOOM (1984) I literally grew up on this movie. It's pure adventure, the perfect escape from reality. 5/5 [August 18th]

LAWLESS (2012) is a brutally violent story of brotherhood and Moonshine; great acting from the cast but a lackluster ending. 4/5 [August 18th]

SPRINGSTEEN & I (2013) took me by complete surprise; moving and heartfelt on a level that's almost indescribable. Emotional stuff! 4.5/5 [August 19th]

THE CHILDREN'S HOUR (1961) was a ballsy film for it's time. It's utterly heartbreaking, so much so that I struggle to really enjoy it. 3.5/5 [August 19th]

YOU DON'T KNOW JACK (2010) It was wonderful to see Al Pacino in good movie again, he's still the greatest; a fascinating true story. 4/5 [August 21st]

RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK (1981) My least favourite in the trilogy, but only by a fraction. It's a genre defining film, pure adventure. 5/5 [August 22nd]

INDIANA JONES AND THE LAST CRUSADE (1989) Hands down the greatest adventure film of all time; one that has stood the test of time. 5/5 [August 23rd]

SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER (1977) One of the coolest movies I've seen. It's not just people dancing. It's a deep story about breaking free. 4.5/5 [August 24th]

MY AMITYVILLE HORROR (2012) An interesting perspective on the famous haunting. Daniel Lutz; I don't believe him and he's an asshole. 3.5/5 [August 28th]

EMPEROR (2012) is a very strong and moving drama about a crucial point in Japan's history. Tommy Lee Jones commands the screen. 4/5 [August 31st]

Top Ten Picks
1.) Saturday Night Fever (1977)
2.) The Great Escape (1963)
3.) Springsteen & I (2013)
4.) Blow (2001)
5.) Fail Safe (2000)
6.) You Don’t Know Jack (2010)
7.) Emperor (2012)
8.) The Fog (1980)
9.) Seven Days in May (1964)
10.) Larry Crowne (2011)

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