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Twitter Film Reviews (March 2013)

I've been doing this for almost a month now and I must say that writing film reviews on Twitter is a fun and often challenging little activity. Of course it's very limited with only 140 characters, but that's the best part, you have to choose you words and phrases very carefully. I suggest making friends with a thesaurus if you wish taking this up. 

Anyway below are all my reviews for March, I decided to post them on my blog as it's much easier for people to view rather than scrolling through my Twitter feed trying to find them all.
I hope you enjoy them and at the bottom of the page you'll find my top five picks of the month.  

GREEN ZONE (2010) was better than I was expecting. A war film not so much about war itself but about the lie that lead to a war. 3.5/5 [Date: March 17th]

THE INNOCENTS (1961) Despite the two very annoying children it had a genuinely creepy atmosphere and Deborah Kerr was great. 3/5 [Date: March 17th]

CHERNOBYL DIARIES (2012) isn't as bad as people say IMO. Generic characters but I loved the location which was the real highlight. 3.5/5 [Date: March 17th]

THE CAINE MUTINY (1954) Apart from a pointless subplot, it's a well directed and acted wartime drama, also one of Bogart's best roles. 4/5 [Date: March 21st]

VILLAGE OF THE DAMNED (1960) is one very effective and well made film given its low budget. The children are so genuinely creepy. 4.5/5 [Date: March 22nd]

THE TOWN: EXTENDED CUT (2010) is much better than the theatrical cut. Nothing specific exactly, I just think it's a more complete film. 4/5 [Date: March 23rd]

THE MASTER (2012) is an interesting film but very slow. It's a film you watch for the performances rather than for the plot PIG FUCK! 3.5/5 [Date: March 24th]

IN A LONELY PLACE (1950) wasn't what I was expecting, it’s a strong drama, solid acting but I was expecting more of a character piece. 3.5/5 [Date: March 24th]

CHILDREN OF THE DAMNED (1964) is a weak sequel to the original. It lacks atmosphere, the children aren't scary and just feels pointless. 2/5 [Date: March 25th]

SANDS OF IWO JIMA (1949) is a war film apparently, but not a very good one. It's too light hearted with an over use of stock footage. 2.5/5 [Date: March 25th]

FROST/NIXON (2008) is like a verbal boxing match. It's a riveting drama with an amazing cast. Langella and Sheen are both excellent. 4.5/5 [Date: March 28th]

IN DARKNESS (2011) is a pretty remarkable story. It's confronting and disturbing but at times feels like just another holocaust film. 3.5/5 [Date: March 29th]

KILLING THEM SOFTLY (2012) is not your typical gangster flick. It shows that even the underworld is not immune to financial despair. 3.5/5 [Date: March 31st]

THE CABLE GUY (1996) is an excellent dark comedy. It's bizarre and makes an interesting point about society's obsession with TV. 4/5 [Date: March 31st]

TITANIC: The Final Word with James Cameron (2012) was fascinating beyond words; 90 minutes devoted to just the sinking. I was in heaven! 5/5 [Date: March 31st]

Top Five Picks

1.) TITANIC: The Final Word with James Cameron (2012) 
2.) The Cable Guy (1996)
3.) Village of the Damned (1960)
4.) The Caine Mutiny (1954)
5.) Frost/Nixon (2008)

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