Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Morning Glory

Directed by: Roger Michell
Starring: Rachel McAdams, Harrison Ford & Diane Keaton
Released: 2010
Runtime: 107 minutes
Rating: 3.5/5

In this light hearted comedy drama Rachel McAdams plays Becky Fuller. An out of work energetic and devoted news producer who soon lands a job as executive producer of a struggling morning show called DayBreak. Determined to increases the shows ratings which are at a dismal low, she wastes no time making drastic changes to the show such as firing the egotistical and perverted male host, and replaces him with Michael Pomeroy played by Harrison Ford, a legendary veteran news journalist who was once highly respected in his field but is now a bitter and burnt out version of his former self. He is paired with co-host Colleen Peck played by Diane Keaton. With a mutual dislike for each other the two often exchange subtle insults during the shows daily broadcast. After much perseverance from the Becky, the show’s ratings finally begin to rise and the miserable Michael Pomeroy begins to find pleasure in his work once again.

There isn't much of a plot. It’s very much like he those typical sporting movies where a new coach is hired to rebuild a sports team that’s in shambles where no one gets along but they all end up best friends in the end. You know what’s going to happen from almost the very start and there are little surprises. However that still did not prevent me from enjoy this movie. It’s held together well by the leading characters and the amount of colourful humour and one liners. It is however a little too long and does drag a little in some parts. I found myself zoning out a few times throughout it.

Rachel McAdams is terrific; she’s full of energy and looks gorgeous in every scene.
Her scenes with Ford’s character are the movie’s high lights. I loved the dialogue between the two of them.   

Harrison Ford suits his role very well as the mean and bitter veteran news journalist. His character gets all the best lines and is the master of personal insults. But there was one brief moment during a scene where he is out duck hunting that came across too over the top and struck me as actually sounding very bizarre. It was just a very odd moment, and I’m probably the one person on earth who thinks this.

I really enjoyed Morning Glory, it’s a nice entertaining comedy that’s funny and witty and doesn’t take it self too seriously, a good popcorn flick.  I might have enjoyed it even more perhaps, if it weren’t for the very vocal couple sitting behind me in the cinema who both felt the need to repeat ever single punch line throughout the entire movie. And I think between them they purchases the entire snack bar. 

3.5 out of 5.

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