Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Wrong Man (1956)

Director: Alfred Hitchcock
Year: 1956
Running Time: 101 Minutes
Rated: PG
Genre: Drama/Film Noir

This is the true story of Manny Balestrero, an honest hardworking musician at New York’s famous Stork Club. When Manny is mistaken for a man who has committed a string of armed robberies his world is thrown into turmoil. He protests his innocents and tries desperately to clear his name with authorities, but wile doing so his beloved wife begins to fall apart under the train of the whole ordeal.

My Thoughts
Alfred Hitchcock delivers a compelling story full of tension that made me as the view feeling genuinely frightened for Manny’s dilemma. The plot is simple but it never gets boring. It does a great job of really drawing you in, making you feel that you’re right in there with the characters in some scenes.

The imagery is spellbinding, very stylish with great use of shadows that really enhance the film’s rather sinister tone.

Henry Fonda is excellent as Manny Balestrero who is a devoted husband and loving father to his children, proving that he is well suited for this type of Character. Vera Miles who later goes on to appear in Hitchcock’s Psycho as Janet Leigh’s sister, plays Manny’s wife, who is very convincing as a woman that is raiding descending into the very depths of despair over her husband’s terrible ordeal. There is also a small appearance by a pre Hogan’s Heroes and talented character actor Werner Klemperer as psychiatrist who is treating Manny’s distraught wife.

The film ends very quickly once Manny’s ordeal is behind him, it does feel a little rushed but it is on a positive note which is welcomed and it answered he questioned that I was begging to worry that might not be answered.

Overall another fine piece of work from mater filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock that any fan of his and the genre will most certainly enjoy.

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