Monday, December 6, 2010

Miracle on 34th Street (1947)

Director: George Seaton
Year: 1947
Running Time: 96 Minutes
Rated: G
Genre: Family

Edmund Gwenn is Kris Kringle; a nice old man who has been hired as the Macy’s Department Store Santa. When he claims to be the real Santa the store have him institutionalized as insane. However a young up and coming lawyer decides to defend him and prove in a court that he is indeed just who he says he is.

My Thoughts
This movie has appeared on many lists of the greatest all time Christmas movies so I was eager to find out if it was as good as people had said. Indeed it was. To put it quite simply this is a nice little movie. Edmund Gwenn’s is marvellous as the charming and kind hearted Kris Kringle; whose presence lights up the screen. Natalie Wood is absolutely adorable as little Susan Walker.
Such a talented actress at only ten years of age is truly remarkable. The movie does a great job of really capturing the essence of the era in which it was filmed; a time when thing were simple and much more care free. Overall this is a wonderful movie to watch with family and friends over the holiday season.


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